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30 October, 2017 – Multiple awards winning & innovative company PET CSI® proudly announces its agreement to be acquired in principle by a Private Equity China-based firm.

PET CSI® known as the first innovative company to bring pet DNA to the multifamily industry agreed in principle to this acquisition which will allow the new owners commence the provision of pet DNA services in China immediately. It’s evident and clear that PET CSI® remains the pioneer and foremost player in the industry as other competitors are mere imitators who tried to duplicate pet waste matching service which is only one of the divisions within PET CSI®.

The firm is a specialist in providing pet waste matching and using pet DNA Forensics to solve an array of crimes. PET CSI® currently boost of a large client base spread across over twenty- two states in three different countries.

The slogan “They Match the Poop to Who Didn’t Scoop” has been the word of mouth that circulates the good name of the company with its competency. PET CSI® enjoyed a great referral rate as quality service delivery makes the organization stand out.

The company has always been in the national news for its innovative concepts, nomination, winning awards and accolades from notable bodies and organizations. PET CSI® was the first to introduce Pet DNA Mobile App which enables pet owners to get a safe and accurate DNA testing at-home, it also has ‘QR Code GPS Lost & Found Tracking’ and a suite of cool services with awesome features.

“I first heard about PET CSI® a few months ago, but I was like, are they for real? Can they really meet up to my expectations? Alas, I was dumbfounded as every of my interaction with them was superb…To be frank and candid they are worth all the nominations and awards.”T. Willian

 PET CSI® by every means is a disruptor and game changer in the industry; recently the company has assisted with multiple high profiles dog bite forensic cases.   

The company has deeply impacted and in different areas the $60 Billion Pet Industry and $2 Trillion Apartment Industry.  PET CSI® is just one of the ideas developed by Cedric Moses, who has become one of the great intellectuals and innovators of the modern age.

Mr. Moses has since the announcement of the agreed sale of PET CSI® considered several other opportunities presented to him to partner with other firms, but had this to say when we interviewed him…

“I first want to thank God! Thank you GOD! I also want to thank each and every one of our customers, clients and supporters.  I am extremely happy and humbled by this and I am really looking forward to seeing PET CSI® continue its growth with its new owners and team.  Can you imagine we Turned Poop Into Profits.   I’m going to enjoy some time off with my baby boy before coming up with the next big innovative business idea.”Cedric J. Moses

PET CSI® also boasts of a fantastic customer support team and services, with a user-friendly website.

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