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American Chef are invited to Sichuan for gourmet tour

“I am very impressed by Sichuan hotpot.” said Martin Yan, “Hotpot is very good to promote the image of Chengdu besides panda. We knew that the best Sichuan cuisine is in Chengdu. That’why I bring so many chefs with me.” From 21st-30th, September, Martin Yan, A renowned chef in America, and his team of American chefs are invited to Chengdu for an event of “Chengdu Tourism Promotion, American chefs and fans Gourmet Tour in Chengdu”.

It is learnt that until 25th, September, Martin Yan and his team, under the guidance of Sichuan Gourmet Tourism campaign team, have visited Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base, Leshan Giant Buddha and Chuançais Museum in Pidu District, tasted authentic Sichuan cuisine and exchanged cooking skills.

On 23rd, September, Sichuan Gourmet Tour campaign team has started an event of Sichuan custom experience in Chengdu. Sichuan face-changing opera, Sichuan in VR, and hand-painted paper fans allow Martin Yan and his team to understand Sichuan in-depth. In the meantime, Mei Mei, the mascot of the campaign came to the venue and gave out Sichuan Gourmet Tour Guide and publicity material of the campaign to Martin Yan and his team.

After the event, Martin Yan shared his view of Sichuan. He said that Sichuan is a “lively city” and commented on Sichuan “having a global perspective” and “powerful”. Martin Yan and his team are very pleased to pay the visit to Sichuan. “We will come again to Sichuan in future, if there is any opportunity.”

It is known that Sichuan Gourmet Tour is the oversea marketing campaign of Sichuan tourism, taking Sichuan cuisine as is signature. Up till now, the campaign has been launched in the USA, Australia, Nepal, Cyprus, Switzerland, Spain, Czech, Austria, Hong Kong and Macau.

Martin Yan is a well-known chef of Chinese cuisine in the States, the host of Yan Can Cook. The show has been broadcasting in dozens of countries and regions worldwide, and the audience number has reached 2 billion, successfully delivering the culture of Chinese food.

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